Room Set Up & Seating

This page was put up in the aftermath of the Ten Strings And A Goatskin in April 2018.

  • Ten Strings And A Goatskin was our biggest concert so far and we had in excess of 125 people. The hall was about at capacity for the layout we used that night, so we learnt a few lessons about room set up
  • Our overall objective is to balance the interests of everyone – audience and artists, when we prepare the room and to maintain an enjoyable, manageable and safe environment

Book Early To Avoid Disappointment:

  • Remember how lucky we are to get artists of this calibre in our own backyard
  • We’d hate for you to turn up and not be able to get in, especially as UL is a reasonable drive for most people
  • If you see an act that you like, book early so you know you’ll have a seat

Hall Capacity:

  • Whilst the hall was crowded for Ten Strings And A Goatskin, it was not at capacity per se
  • Capacity would be reached if we went to all theatre-style seating, which we have no plan to do at this stage (see the comments on tables below)
  • In trying to balance the situation in the interests of everyone, we’re mindful that we have a responsibility to the artists to get as many people in as we reasonably can, because they’re paid on a percentage of the door and it’s their livelihood
  • As we grow audiences and can pay the artists more, then we can get better quality acts, so that’s a virtuous circle we’re keen to keep going

Add into the mix that the hall definitely has a better atmosphere when it’s close to capacity – the ‘buzz’ is palpable.


  • Very unusually for a venue of its type, UL provides a lot of tables for concerts
  • The tables are enjoyed by most people and are a strong tradition in the hall
  • The downside is that they take more room than theatre-style seating
  • Tables are shared, so unless your group is big enough to fill the whole table, you’ll be sitting with other people. Bonus: You’ll have a chance to make new friends!
  • If the audience gets large for a particular event, then we need to re-balance the room to have fewer tables and more theatre-style seating

Reserving Tables:

Unfortunately not everyone can get a seat at a table, especially on big nights.

  • If you want to sit at a table, your best option is to organise a group of 8 or more, then book and pay early. Tables are allocated to groups first
  • The next best option is to book early and make a note on your booking that you’d like a seat at a table. We’ll do our best to accommodate you, but we can’t guarantee a table seat
  • If you’re not in a group and want to sit at a table, the earlier you arrive the more likely you are to find free seats at a shared table

Theatre-style Seating Spacing:

  • After the Ten Strings And A Goatskin concert, some people commented on Facebook that the theatre-style seating was cramped
  • People from the music committee go to a lot of different festivals and venues and we think our theatre-style seating is more widely spaced than most other places we’ve been to, but we have heard your comments!

Dance Space

  • We encourage people to dance
  • The challenge at Ten Strings And A Goatskin was that the room was mostly filled with tables and chairs
  • With other concerts we’ve adopted the front right and side as a dance area, but that area was filled with seating
  • In future we will rearrange the area by the sliding door out to the verandah and toilets to provide a space for standing and dancing, even if it’s a full house

In any case, feel free to find space anywhere you feel comfortable to dance.

  • If there’s a group that want to dance you can take the front right theatre-style seating, then stack the chairs away to the side when the time is right
  • If there are people already sitting front right, explain to them that you plan to dance and ask if they could help by sitting somewhere else