PA & Lighting, Load In, Soundcheck

Hall Sound Characteristics:

  • The main audience area is 15m long and 10m wide and seats 120+
  • The stage is in addition to this and is about 4.5m deep and 8m wide
  • The ceilings are vaulted and about 8m at their highest point
  • All surfaces are hardwood, so the venue is acoustically lively
  • Usually it’s straightforward to get a good, clean sound
  • Volume has never been a problem and our pair of 12in, powered FOH speakers work well
  • A subwoofer has only been used once to-date by 19-Twenty, a rock/blues band with drums and bass

In-house PA:

The hall has the following PA equipment:

  • Soundcraft Ui24R 24 channel digital mixer (remote controllable via phone/tablet)
  • 2 QSC K12.2 12 inch self-powered FOH speakers
  • 3 Yamaha DBR10 self-powered speakers for foldbacks
  • 5 SM58 + 2 SM57 mics (more SM58s can be borrowed)
  • 4 DI boxes
  • Misc amps/small PA gear available for loan

Within the context of our hall, the PA works well. The stage set up used at a large venue is overkill in our situation and if you have a standard stage plan for a large venue, we’ll aim to simplify it, so we can avoid hiring extra equipment.

  • We operate the PA ourselves, so there are usually no production costs
  • If there is something critical that you can’t do without, please contact us early to discuss


  • We don’t normally mic drumkits, except maybe the kick – they’re loud enough as is
  • The hall doesn’t officially have backline, but has a donated bass amp and locals are usually willing to lend their gear
  • A Marshall AS50D guitar amp can be borrowed (set your sound, DI it into the mixer and use it as a stage monitor)
  • If you want something like a VOX AC30, or a mint copy of Clapton’s rig from ’69, you may be confusing UL with the Royal Albert Hall
  • We don’t keep a stock of instruments, although guitars and ukes are plentiful to borrow and we can sometimes borrow, or worst case hire, other items

Load In:

  • Load in is straightforward. You can park right in front of the hall and there are no steps. 15 mins should be plenty

Sound Check:

  • Sound check is normally 2 hours before the concert starts E.g. 5PM for a 7PM concert

Using Your PA:

  • If you have a good system you’re familiar with, feel free to bring it

Stage Lighting:

  • The hall has full stage lighting operated from an upstairs control room

Room Set Up:

  • The default set up for the hall is tables and chairs, with some theatre-style seating
  • We encourage people to dance for acts where it’s appropriate