The Lost Souls on Mondays

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This event is running from 17 December 2018 until 11 December 2028. It is next occurring on 27/01/2020 7:00 pm

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(Singers of Upper Lansdowne)

Do you like to sing or play an instrument? If so join the Lost Souls, a very casual group of locals who get together on a Monday Night.
We sing mainly folk or Bluegrass with some of our members playing along on a guitar, banjo, ukulele, washboard, harmonica and various other noisemakers.

We are not very serious but aim to have a fun night.
If you can sing in tune (or not) and keep in time (or not) and / or can play three chords on an instrument and want to have a social night out then please join us.

Find out more – contact Sue via our contact form here