Concert Bad/Wet Weather Plan

When COVID came along, we had to move concerts outside to comply with social distancing and venue audience size limits. Fortuitously, it turned out that outdoor concerts on the grass were preferred by the audience and enabled us to host larger numbers of people in greater comfort, so they are now the default.

However, weather conditions provide a challenge, so here are the plans for dealing with that when audience numbers exceed the designated inside limit (which we expect will change over time).

Plan A – Iffy Weather

Weather is OK-ish, but not good enough to set up the band outside (this happened with the Goodfellas show in Sep 2020 when it started off very windy). In this scenario, the band sets up on the hall verandah and the audience stays outside.

Plan B – Bad Weather

Where an outdoor concert has been scheduled and the forecast is for bad/wet weather, the decision to go to the wet weather plan per below will be made 3 days before the concert (e.g. on Wednesday for a Saturday concert) and all ticket holders will be advised by email.

Weekend Shows:

The concert will be inside the hall in 2 sessions, an afternoon session and an evening session.

Weekday Shows

For weekday shows we will hold a show starting at 6PM and another at 8:30PM

In both cases, to comply with limit on audience numbers, tickets will be assigned to each session in the order in which they were booked.

An example (all fictitious):

  • There is to be a concert outdoors at 3:30PM (7:00 indoors) on March 12th.
  • On March 9th the forecast is for 90% chance of 250ml rain on Saturday.
  • Email goes to the first 50 ticketholders to come at 3:30 in the hall.
  • Email goes to the second 50 ticketholders to come at 7:00 in the hall.

If the later session doesn’t work for you, we will do our best to help, but you must let us know within 24 hours.