The Mutant Strain – Thurs 1st April 7PM “fantastically loud death metal”

$55.00 $15.00

After much lobbying by the ULDMC (Upper Lansdowne Death Metal Club), we are excited to bring you Tasmania’s finest death metal outfit “The Mutant Strain”. Their latest EP “Bring Me Your Virgins” recently topped the metal charts on Hobart’s underground station MDMA4U.

ULDMC President Darth Headbanger said: “Those hopeless old farts on the committee have finally realised that nobody in the valley is the slightest bit interested in poxy blues, or stupid, weedy folk music. On the day if the PA isn’t way freakin’ louder than too m–f–in’ loud, we’re gonna kick the shit out of everybody and everything”.

Lead singer Woznak Szednasti outlined his PR plan for the show: “Our philosophy is any publicity is great publicity, so we’re going to start by hauling a woodchipper into the Tarkine and carving “Upper Lansdowne” into the rainforest with 100 foot high letters.  That’ll send the Greenies nuts and once the press arrive we’ll bite the heads off a few endangered fauna for the cameras.”


  •  “They look such lovely young men. I’m sure my nieces will enjoy them”. Vera Brassknuckle, local resident


  • “Damn! These guys can do a 15 minute guitar solo better than me” Ozzy Osbourne


  • “Sensationally loud. I was deaf for 3 days after their show”  Dimebag Darrell


  • No support, the band will do two sets.


  • There will be tasty homemade platypus burgers (freshly caught in the valley), tea, coffee and coke available for purchase


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