Sponsored Show “Music Interaction” with Luke Ligtenberg Thurs 29th April 6PM


This event is sponsored by Arts Mid North Coast through the NSW Government’s Art Restart Program, which is why tickets are only $10.

This will be an entertaining and educational event hosted by Luke Ligtenberg.

Luke is an accomplished singer/songwriter from Old Bar, who is probably best known for his role as bassist and singer for The Swamp Stompers. With over 15 years of live experience, performing at hundreds of venues around Australia and abroad, accredited with a combined degree of Music Education, on this occasion Luke brings ‘Music Interaction’.

The evening includes two components:

  • Musical performance
  • Interactive workshop,

Luke will entertain you with his original music and cover popular songs, blending a mix of blues, folk and soft surf-rock.

The interactive workshop will include breath, movement, and sound appreciation.

You will be involved in melodic and rhythmic activities, provoking your innate human connection to music. Luke has left audiences struck by the way he brings together the yidaki (didgeridoo), clapping sticks, guitar and vocals at his live performances. You can expect to hear, learn about and play these instruments during this foot stomping experience.

Note: If you have a didgeridoo, percussive instrument and/or yoga mat, you are encouraged to bring it along to the event. There will be some available during the evening.

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