The South Carolina Broadcasters Tues Oct 29th 7PM

The South Carolina Broadcasters Tues Oct 29th 7PM


Stars of the Lowe Vintage Radio Show and masters of Bluegrass, The South Carolina Broadcasters bring southern music at its finest to the stage. Yeehaw! 

Their razor sharp harmonies, exceptional multi-instrumentation, and fabulous song selection will have listeners riveted to their seats. This unique trio has put their own spin on the music of the foothills.

Their recent release “Tell Me Truly” features a broad and mature mix of sounds ranging from Surry County bluegrass to Carter Family country and even the Cajun sounds of Lafayette. Audiences wherever they go connect with the Broadcasters through heartfelt songs and good old fashioned entertainment.

For this tour David Sheppard (guitar, vocals) and Ivy Sheppard (banjo, fiddle, guitar, vocals) are joined by Jackson Cunningham, who has toured Australia many times with the highly regarded Whitetop Mountaineers (mandolin, guitar, banjo & vocals).

They’re appearing on a Tuesday, because we’re catching them as they head south from the Dorrigo Festival.

  • “I’d like to think that if AP Carter had more time to think about it, the Carter Family would have been singing like the Broadcasters.” – Tim O’Brien (Bluegrass legend)
  • “Clear, powerful playing. Great singing. Respect for the past, all the while setting the bar high for musicians of the future. Strong music.” – Joe Newbury

Here’s a link to a video of the band with Jackson Cunningham. They also have a bass-player in these videos, but he won’t be part of the band on this tour – it’s just a trio:


  • No support – The band will do 2 sets.

More information:


  • There will be tasty homemade snacks, tea, coffee and cake available




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