The Northern Folk – Thursday Jan 3rd 7PM


$22.00 $18.00

The Northern Folk are a collective of ten talented musicians who deliver a unique blend of folk/pop/stomp/rock.

Combining two powerful vocalists, roaring horns, bashful bass and addictive percussion, their big, diverse sound is continuing to earn them a following wherever they travel.

Their live shows deftly move between foot-stomping grooves and impassioned vocal pleas, wild sax solos and pristine harmonies. Slow soulful numbers combine with rocky, brass-decorated dance music to deliver an entrancing show.

They’ll be coming to UL fresh from playing to several thousand at the Woodford Festival and we’re lucky to get them here.


  • “The Northern Folk fall into a beautiful and untouched musical category that sets them apart from the rest … one of the country’s most dynamic groups to perform both live and in the studio.” AAA Backstage


  • “Everything works so well together, everyone shares their part, creating this huge surround sound of a track that just bursts in all sorts of directions.”  Claire Mooney, triple j Unearthed producer


  • “They deliver indie pop and alt-country mash-ups full of charismatic charm and energy that seem to lift them high above the stratosphere and beyond.” Speaker TV



  • No support – The band will do 2 sets.

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  • There will be tasty, gourmet rolls, tea, coffee and cake available


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