Moishe’s Bagel (Scotland) Fri April 3rd 7pm

$25.00 $20.00

They are from Scotland but the music is not!

An intoxicating, life-affirming mix of Gypsy and Eastern European dance music, Middle Eastern rhythms and virtuoso performances. Combining the energy and passion of world folk music with the excitement and soul of improvisation, the band will draw you in, turn you inside out, and leave you smiling uncontrollably – all in the space of one tune.

“This fearless 5-piece emphatically puts the ‘class’ into ‘unclassifiable‘” (The Scotsman)

“True originals” (The Guardian)


  • No support – They will do 2 sets.

More information:


  • There will be tasty homemade snacks, tea, coffee and cake available


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