Audience Numbers and Make Up

We started concerts in their current form in August 2016 and spent about a year building contacts, a reputation and momentum.

  • We hosted Hat Fitz and Cara in November 2017 and they attracted our biggest audience to that point of a bit over 100
  • Prior to that the biggest concert was Les Poules a Colin (CAN) in March 2017, who got 80+

Hat Fitz and Cara marked the start of a run of concerts with an average attendance of 75+, peaking with Ten Strings And A Goatskin in April 2018.

  • The run included 19 Twenty with about 80, Dan Walsh (UK) with 70+, Faith i Branko (UK/EUR) 90, Flats and Sharps (UK) 79 and ended with The Paul McKenna Band (SCO) on June 1st 2018 who got 80+ along
  • The Ten Strings And A Goatskin audience was 128+ 15 children and they took home $1900 from ticket sales


Winter 2018

After The Paul McKenna Band concert, audience numbers dropped significantly for winter shows and then picked up again to 60+ for Geoff Achison in August. We think the drop was down to these factors in order of impact:

  • A notably cold winter with people reluctant to come out
  • Some degree of audience ‘exhaustion’ – we had run a lot of concerts in the preceding 6 months
  • Acts less well known in comparison to those that preceded them

As a result for future winters (June/July/early August) our plans will be to run less concerts and by preference go with artists who can do a weekend afternoon show, when it’s warmer in the hall and people will be more likely to come out.


Audience Make Up

A significant number of people in the valley are tree changers from Sydney and some of us go to festivals regularly. Music tastes are eclectic and we’re open to most things. We’re obviously older and a bit different to your archetypal, city audience, but we still like a good time and the chance to dance around a bit.

So if you have a quiet or rocky version of your set(s), we’d usually go for ‘rocky’ by preference, at least to end the night with