Upper Lansdowne Players


The Upper Lansdowne Players produced their first play in 1983 and are still going well. Producing two seasons a year, usually comedy, we are best known for the Theatre Dinner nights at the Upper Lansdowne Hall. These are organised so that all of the proceeds are returned to the community.

A broadly based group with a strong social flavour, we include High School students, Retirees and everything in between. We have an Actors Committee which generally runs the Players, but we’re pretty informal really.

We have a culture of continuous improvement and use professional acting coaches to help us with this.
We do it because we enjoy it, it’s good fun, if sometimes a little hair-raising and have no intention of stopping yet.


The 2017 autumn season will feature “We Found Love And An Exquisite Set Of Porcelain Figurines Aboard The SS Farndale Avenue” by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin.

Follow Mrs. Reece and her troupe in this play within a play and laugh.
Mrs. Reece, the indomitable and insufferable leader of the Farndale Avenue Dramatic Society (think Hyacinth Bucket) and her troupe embark on another production. Stay on your chair if you can as they crash from crisis to miss-managed crisis. Far too cleverly written to be silly, too well directed to be slapstick, Mrs. Reece and her crew will have you in stitches. We will carry you to Naples, or was it Nairobi? We won’t vouch for the singing, though the dancing is good. The audience menu may sound tame compared to the haute cuisine on the SS Farndale Avenue, but believe me, you’re better off. And as for the cocktails? Poor Gordon!

You can book here or by contacting our play bookings manager via the contact form or by phone.