Upper Lansdowne loves music – and musicians!

We’re making Upper Lansdowne Hall a well known Small Hall music venue and we offer free accommodation, dinner and breakfast to artists who play at the hall.

Our audiences welcome many music genres e.g. folk, world, roots, bluegrass, gypsy, Celtic, blues, jazz, acoustic pop and country..

Upper Lansdowne is a picturesque village 30kms north of Taree in the Manning Valley on the NSW east coast, 25 minutes inland from the Pacific Highway turnoffs at either Coopernook or Cundletown. It’s a convenient and relaxing stopover point for touring artists travelling up/down the east coast and provides an opportunity to perform in a friendly and appreciative environment, be treated to great country hospitality – and make some money!

We can seat a bit over 100, have good stage lighting, and can provide a P.A. system if required.
We offer touring artists:-

  • A free night’s accommodation at pretty Flame Tree Cottage (3 bedrooms, sleeps 6) just three minutes from the Hall and/or your own room with friendly locals
  • Free dinner and breakfast!
  • Event promotion via email, Facebook, local radio and posters displayed in the Manning area
  • Ticket prices mutually agreed, usually $20-$25
  • You keep 70% of ticket sales (or by agreement)
  • Obviously you keep all of your merchandise sales

Types of Concerts:
We hate to turn artists down, but we’ve had to do that recently, because of the number of events that we’ve been asked to host. So after putting our thinking caps on, we’ve come up with this approach.
Normal Concert
We aim to run these roughly once a month, except during May and October when we run plays. The most recent normal concert sold 70 tickets and our audiences are growing. They are fully promoted, are planned well in advance and ticket prices are usually $20-$25.

Small Scale Concert
These are still run at the hall, but are lower key and may well be done at short notice. E.g. you are touring and have a gap in your schedule and are happy to play in exchange for food and board and lower-than-normal door takings. We’d expect to get 20-30 people to these concerts and the ticket price is normally $15. These concerts are acoustic by default, with perhaps vocals and any non-acoustic instruments going through the Hall’s basic PA. The hall has great natural acoustics (vaulted ceiling, timber walls and floor), so the sound is usually fine with no PA.

What they say about us:-

“What a memorable and lovely night we had at the Upper Lansdowne Hall playing our Italian folk music! The audience was so attentive and appreciative. We also enjoyed a lovely home cooked meal and peaceful country accommodation and hospitality. Would thoroughly recommend jumping off the Pacific Highway and getting a gig at the Hall with it’s lovely cultured local community.” David De Santi of Zumpa.

“When we received the detailed directions to the venue and accommodation, we knew that this was going to be a well-organised event. What that didn’t prepare us for was the warmth of the welcome we would receive in Upper Lansdowne. The community spirit shines through, from the team that put on the event to the audience that came and supported it.” Winter Wilson.

So how about it?

Contact: Chris Galloway cgalloway55 (at) gmail.com / 02 5591 6017, Ian Turier 02 6556 9266 or Al Breingan 02 6556 9226 or email music (at) upperlansdownehall.org.au